Health Information Management Tech I



The HIM Technician I perform various clerical HIM functions. These responsibilities include chart retrieval and tracking, entry-level prepping, and scanning of clinical documents. Additional responsibilities may include, processing research requests for records, reception/customer service responsibilities, and floating throughout the department to cover other areas within the department, as needed. A minimum of 95% accuracy is expected for all tasks.

Job Description:

  • Locates, prints out and delivers medical records, as requested.
  • Picks up records of newly discharged patients. Ensures that all discharged records are received from the units for document imaging.
  • Files completed and loose reports.
  • Prepares and distributes all requested reports.
  • Maintains a log of activities. Continuously meets all turnaround times as requested. Meets or exceeds productivity standards.
  • Processes all research requests.
  • Completes missing records process by requesting charts from clinics, physicians, other departments. Documents all activities performed in chart location.
  • Preps or assembles chart documents into standard chart order, verifying all documents belong to the same patient.
  • Locates “unable to locate” charts for clinic appointments and/or release of information requests.
  • Serves as an information resource by responding to requests for general and medical information received via phone, e-mail, fax, or in person.
  • Operates computer to enter and retrieve data.
  • Prepares medical record documents prior to scanning, according to policies and procedures.
  • Utilizes facility guidelines to prep/assemble, scan and validate all documents are properly found with the document imaging system.
  • Performs simple machine cleaning. Responsible for document imaging equipment maintenance prior to shift/use and maintains equipment cleaning log as required. Generates held desk ticket when needed.
  • Performs general clerical functions such as filing, shredding, and floor rounds.
  • Updates the HIM chart tracking system as needed.
  • Monitors and reports the quality and quantity of work performed through self-reporting.
  • Responsible for cross-training peers.
  • Assists the HIM Department and various work units during times of staff shortage or high volumes
  • Maintains strict physician and patient confidentiality.
  • Follows all federal, state, industry, and hospital guidelines for release of information.
  • Supports nThrive’s Compliance Program by adhering to policies and procedures pertaining to HIPAA, FDCPA, FCRA, and other laws applicable to nThrive’s business practices. This includes: becoming familiar with nThrive’s Code of Ethics, attending training as required, notifying management or nThrive’s Helpline when there is a compliance concern or incident, HIPAA-compliant handling of patient information, and demonstrable awareness of confidentiality obligations.


Required Qualifications:

  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Proven time management skills.
  • Ability to handle sensitive information and maintain HIPAA compliance.
  • Demonstrated ability to navigate Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience in a hospital health information management department.
  • Experience with hospital health information management computer systems.
  • Office clerical or administrative experience.
  • Knowledge of medical terminology.


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